Best Gun Safe 2019 [Buying Guide Inside]

Best Gun Safe For 2019

If you have a small firearm like a gun and looking for safe storage to keep your gun secure, this best gun safe review is for you. Firearms are not allowed for unauthorized persons. That’s why gun safes are being used.

There are various types of gun safes. Each of them has a unique security system. Mechanical systems, electrical system, bio-metric system these are some types of security system that various manufacturers offer with their gun safes. From them, you can choose the fittest one of your taste.

In this era, we can get things from online markets, gun safes have no exceptions. To get the best one, you just have to consider your budget, design and security system.

We have listed the top 17 top gun safes in 2018 market. To make this we have judged more than hundreds of gun safes and choose the unique one. Each of them has their extraordinary features. In that feature among all other products, they are the best one.

Before the detailed review, let’s have a look at the product comparison summary.

Top rated Gun Safes Comparison

Products​Dimension (Inches)Security SystemWeight (Pounds)
Ama​​​​zon Basics Security Safe13.8 x 9.8 x 9.8Electrical (PIN)16.5
SnapSafe (2 Pack) Keyed Alike Lock Boxes9.5 x 6.5 x 1.75Mechanical (key lock alike)5.8
SentrySafe Large Digital Lock Safe14.6 x 16.9 x 8.9Electrical (Combination Lock)24
Stack-On GCB-500 Steel Pistol Cabinet10 x 17 x 15Mechanical (key lock alike)19.8
Stack-On E-040-SB-E Elite Fire Safe19.8 x 20.9 x 40Electrical (Combination Lock)
Steelwater Standard Duty 39 Long Gun Fire Protection​59 x 39 x 24Electrical (Combination Lock)689
GunVault Mini Vault Standard Gun Safe13 x 8.5 x 5.5Electrical (Combination Lock)9
Cannon Safe All Rifle 5936 All Rifle​59 x 36 x 20Electrical (Combination Lock)450
STEALTH Handgun Electronic Pistol Security Box9 x 9 x 12Electrical (Combination Lock)15
First Alert 5100K Portable Handgun Safe with Key Lock1 x 9 x 7Mechanical (Key Lock)3
Paragon 7750 Electronic Wall Lock and Safe22 x 16 x 4Electrical & Mechanical37
Stanley Gun Safe, Quick Access9.2 x 12.2 x 3.1Electrical (PIN Combination)7
V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe9.5 x 12.5 x 3.5Mechanical Lock23
SentrySafe Pistol Safe9.8 x 16.4 x 3.2Electrical15.8
SentrySafe Fire and Water Safe11.9 x 12.6 x 13.8Electrical96
V-Line Slide-Away Security Safe12 x 4 x 10Electrical22
V-Line 31242-SA Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe3.5 x 12 x 42Electrical32

Best Gun Safes Reviews

1. Amazon Basics Security SafeBest Rated Overall 

Amazon Basics Security Safe

On the very first we have chosen the Amazon Basics Security Safe. It is on the very first on our top list because of the security system of it. The electronic security system makes it best rated gun safe in the market right now.

The safe is of 0.5 cubic foot. And it has two stored space that can hold your gun. It also has two emergency override keys that can be used in critical situations.

It is made of steel and the construction guarantee no scratches and damage to it. The manufacturer also provides fireproof and waterproof security to the safe.

There are four bolts that are included for mounting it safe to the wall. This offers an easy mount ability of this safe.

It has a dimension of 13.8 by 9.8 by 9.8 inches. The interior dimension is 13.5 by 8.75 by 9.5 inches. It weighs 16.5 pounds all along. The door thickness of this safe is 2 inches.

This safe also offers other side security systems like dual bolts in the live door. It also has a pry-resistant door that is also made of steel.

The design of this safe makes it dependable. It is sturdy and all the elements of this safes’ design make it the best. Therefore, it is one of the top rated gun safe on the market.

There is a unique product serial number which can easily identify a certain product. So, it is safe to use them and no one can get a hold on to your safe.

What We Liked

  • ​​​​An adjustable shelf that is also removable.
  • Strong steel construction.
  • waterproof, fireproof, damage and scratch proof.
  • The carpeted foot inside the safe.
  • Premium​​​​ design.
  • Electronic security system.
  • Live dual door bolts.
  • Override keys for emergency use.
  • Concealed hinges that are pry-resistant.
  • 7 various sizes are available.

What We Didn’t like

  • Emergency keys need to have improvements.
  • BIC pens can defeat them easily.

2. SnapSafe BoxesAffordable Gun Safe 

SnapSafe Affordable Gun Safe

It is the best one from all cheap gun safes on the market. This one has multi-purpose usage along with a gun safe. Therefore, it has secure storage for your gun.

You can also put your jewelry, cash, passports, cards etc. on it. It has a heavy duty construction that makes it durable. The feature is ensured by 16 gauge SS housing. Therefore, it can offer the highest security to your goods and gun.

This gun safe is also pry-resistant. These are the best features that this price range can offer you. Therefore, this is one of the best affordable gun safes on the market.

There is a security cable in this gun safe that is 1500 lb rated. This ensures the ability of this protecting this safe. You will get the maximum storage for your goods as it is designed as a space-saving safe.

The whole body is rigid and it is scratch resistant. The box has four protective tick foam coating inside the box for safety. Therefore, your valuable goods keep unscratched.

It meets all the guidelines from TSA airline firearm and approved by them as a firearm safety device. Therefore, it is renowned for its quality and also got approval from the California Department of Justice.

What We Liked

  • A key type of security system.
  • Multiple valuable goods storage-ability.
  • It is small and portable.
  • SS construction made it durable.
  • Scratch protection to the goods inside it.
  • Best affordable gun safe.
  • Approved by TSA and CDJ for safety.
  • Secondary security system by security cables.

What We Didn’t like

  • The system of locking down the cable is not so great the way it has to be used.
  • Seems heavy though it is small in size.

3. SentrySafe Digital SafeBest for Home 

SentrySafe Digital Lock Safe for Home

This one is famous as the best home gun safe. For house owners, this may end up being the most depending security safe. It has a digital electronic security system. The digital lock has a combination that is programmable. You can override it easily when needed. There is a dedicated key for this job.

Therefore, you always have access to your gun, documents or other valuable belongings.

This gun safe in the house can be used as a personal safe because the space of this security safe is more than enough for it. You can keep your jewelry, laptop or camera with your handgun. So, all of your valued things are kept safe.

In this electric safe there are two live bolts that help in locking. The entire steel construction is dependable in any situation.

The pry-resisting steel construction of the door makes it safer than ever. This helps the safe to keep all goods in your home safe and sound. That’s why it is in our best list.

There is a bold down key to this safe’s security system. It also has an override key.

It has a dimension of 8.9 inches of heights by 16.9 inches width by 14.6 inches depth. The interior of this safe has a dimension of 8.7 x 16.8 x 11.6 inches.

What We Liked

  • Best for keeping valuable things of home along with the gun.
  • It has 5 variable size options.
  • The electronic security system.
  • Carpeted inside gives a premium feel to the users.
  • Includes dual live bolts for locking.
  • Pry-resistant door.
  • Dedicated override keys for emergency access.
  • Bolt down the key that helps in the security of the safe.
  • ​Rechargeable battery that makes it unique.

What We Didn’t like

  • ​​​​It is not good for portability.

4. Stack-On GCB-500Gun Safe Under 100

Stack-On GCB-500 Gun Safe Under 100

You can’t get another gun safe under 100 except this Stack-On GCB-500. This gun safe has no other competitor in this price range.

It provides maximum security and quality that this much money can buy. This is perfectly safe for keeping ammo and hand pistols along with any type of supplies, valuable belongings.

The mechanism of locking passes through the steel door. Therefore, it increases the security of the gun safe. It is a mechanical locking system and it tends to provide maximum security to your guns and valuable things.

It has units that are lockable with the help of key code. Moreover, it has two bitted lock. So, it can provide maximum security for your goods.

There are pre-drilled holes that are for mounting. These are here so that you can easily mount the safe on the wall, ceiling, floor or wherever you want.

With this gun safe, there is fascinating hardware are included. It has 225 pounds of weight so that it is good to make it fixed in a place.

There is a removable shelf in this security cabinet. If you need more space in your safe, you can remove the shelf. In this way, you can put more things inside it if necessary.

Inside this safe, there is a padded foam bottom. Therefore, it provides comfort in use and all your goods get scratch free security.

The safe is dimensioned as 17 inches by 10 inches by 15 inches. It has only one color option: Black.

What We Liked

  • Good for preserving ammo and pistols.
  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting anywhere.
  • Fully lockable with the help of codes.
  • Also contains a lock with double-bit.
  • Steel door and body increase durability.
  • Removable shelf for adding storage or organizing goods.
  • Inside bottom of this safe is foam padded.

What We Didn’t like

  • The holes are not so great so you can seal it using caulk.

5. Stack-On E-040-SB-EGun Safe Under 500 

Stack-On E-040-SB-E Gun Safe Under 500

Stack-On E-040-SB-E Elite Junior is undoubtedly the gun safe under 500. This one comes with three adjustable shelves. These help the user to get enough space while they are using.

It can resist fire for half an hour and it can withstand 1400 degree Fahrenheit. This has been approved by the ETL. This is a well-known independent testing lab.

The electronic lock has a unique system in it. It has an operational light that indicates the opening and closing of the safe. It also indicates as a sign of low battery or incorrect entry.

The design of this gun safe is very catchy. It has black powder coat finishing paint. So, the look makes it dependable along with the quality. It also has a silver-gray door in it and a silk-screen that is black.

There is fastening hardware with this gun safe. Each safe contains this and the security quality is ensured with this feature.

The interior design makes it feel premium. Full carpeted inside makes it helpful for the user to use.

This safe abides by every guideline under California DOJ for its safety quality.

It contains four ways of locking the safe. The live bolts are locked in ten points in the safe.

The whole body is made of steel. So, the rigidity of this safe is dependable. Therefore, you can say it worth all your pennies.

The three-spoke handle also plays an important role in the security of the gun safe. It rotates and unlocks or locks the safe.

There is a material named fire retardant that is filled into the door of this safe. This creates a protective firewall for strengthening security.

What We Liked

  • Electronic security system.
  • Indicating lights.
  • Smart design.
  • Full steel body.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Ten locking points in the safe.
  • Security quality approved by California DOJ.
  • Fire protection up to 1400 Fahrenheit for half an hour.
  • Included fastening hardware.

What We Didn’t like

  • It is not scratch proof so it requires careful using hands.

6. Steelwater Standard Duty 39 – Long Gun Safe 

Steelwater Standard Duty 39 Long Gun Safe

This is one of the best long gun safes in our list. It is from Steelwater which is a famous gun safe manufacturer. Their product quality is known globally. As a long gun safe, it has a huge size dimension of 59 x 39 x 24 inches.

The interior of this long gun safe is stored. It has enough space for keeping many things in a place. You can keep long guns, handguns of any sizes, shotguns any of this sized firearms.

You can also keep your valuable goods in this gun safe. It has shelves and pockets for various goods. You can keep things organized here. Any documents, papers, jewelry or other valuable goods can be put in this safe.

The construction is made of 12 gauge steel. So that there will be no confusion about its durability. Therefore, it can provide maximum security.

It can withstand fire up to 1875 degree Fahrenheit for an hour. This is the best thing of this long gun safe in this price range.

This safe is a beast regarding protection. It has 2 inches of diameters of the bolts used in this gun safe.

There is an expendable door shell that activates when it comes across any fire or water. It expands 8 times than the normal thickness of the shell.

The outer surface is drill and ballistic resistant. Therefore, the lock is protected in any critical situation.

It comes with a semi-gloss powder that has a textured coating with a black finish. This is with the silver pinstripe and also polished chrome coating on lever handle.

You can add a dehumidifier or other security tools in it. It contains pre-drilling for this attachment.

It has three stored gun rack in it that allows the user to put thirteen long guns per rack. It is adjustable and customizable.

What We Liked

  • Best designed safely for long guns.
  • Compatible with multi-purpose using.
  • Constructed with 12 gauge steel.
  • Withstands fire up to 1875 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Expandable door shells for premium security.
  • It can store 39 long guns at maximum.
  • Customizable gun storages.
  • Additional tool attaching advantages.
  • Dependable structure.
  • Heavy duty bolts.

What We Didn’t like

  • The side walls are not as heavily protected as the front wall, but they are reliable.

7. GunVault Mini VaultSmall Gun Safe 

GunVault Mini Vault Small Gun Safe

This one is the best small gun safe in this best safe for the gun in 2018 list. It is made by the famous manufacturer GunVault. They are good at making small gun especially. It comes with 16 gauge SS rock solid construction.

The interior design is made of this steel. It has a Matt black finishing on the outer side. The design is very catchy, and it represents the sturdy look of the gun safe. In this price range, this product offers the best outlook.

The locking system of this gun safe is an electrical and mechanical combination. There is a key to open this gun safe as well as with the combination buttons. These are the reason this product is dependable though it has a small size.

There is an LED light that indicates the low battery signal. This will help you to replace the battery before it ends. Therefore, your gun safe will not be dead because of power.

This thing offers maximum strength in the locking mechanism. They are not easy to open with hand tools. They provide maximum security to your valuables.

The interior design is as premium as its outlook. It has a padded foaming bottom. This gives the user a premium feel while using this product.

It is powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery. This can back this gun safe up for months. It has a tamper indicator in it. This can alert if an invalid code is entered.

You can store one hand holding the gun in this safe. Moreover, you can keep some valuables with it like jewelry, passport, cards, documents or papers. It will keep everything safe inside it.

What We Liked

  • Made of 16 gauge SS.
  • Comes with an electrical mechanism used as a security system.
  • It is quick.
  • Easy to use.
  • Hard to pry open.
  • Comfortable interior design.
  • Tactile buttons but comfortable.
  • Alerts in an invalid entry.

What We Didn’t like

  • The battery life is not so great for some users.
  • Buttons may get damaged if not used with care.

8. Cannon Safe 5936 – Large Gun Safe 

Cannon Safe 5936 Large Gun Safe

Cannon Safe All Rifle 5936 is one of the best large gun safes in today’s market. This product is large in size and also dependable in any situation. It can store up to 42 guns inside it.

The security system of this gun safe is unbeatable. It comes with an electrical locking system. The system is backed up by four locking belts that are of a diameter of 4 inches.

It also has internal hinges that are patented with tru-lock. There are three extremely hard plates in the lock. So, it is safely protected. These things make the security system of this product unbeatable.

This large gun safe can withstand 45 minutes into the fire. Therefore, you can easily set off the fire if the situation arrives so. It also has triple smoke sealing fins that protects all your valuables inside the safe from the smoke.

The most amazing thing about this product is the lifetime replacement by the manufacturer. If you are looking for a security cabinet for your rifles and valuables for the rest of your life, you can go for it.

It has a dedicated shelf for keeping small firearms, electronics, cash, jewelry, heirlooms etc. So the storage is enough for organizing your valuables inside it for any users.

This gun safe has approval from the California DOJ as it follows every guideline described by them for maximum security to your firearms.

What We Liked

  • Large storage for various goods.
  • Can store up to 42 guns at maximum.
  • Various types of rifle rack.
  • Steel construction is rigid.
  • Internal hinges for extra security.
  • A triple layer of fins to protect.
  • Lifetime replacement offered by the manufacturer.
  • Approved by California DOJ.
  • Dedicated shelf for keeping valuables alongside with rifles.

What We Didn’t like

  • Locking pins of this safe wiggle around.

9. STEALTH Security BoxElectronic Gun Safe 

STEALTH Electronic Gun Safe

This is one of the best electric gun safes in our gun safe review. It has a maximum security system that has a combination lock. This lock has prey-resistance. So it is not easy to open it by external tools.

The safe has a maximum of five guns storing capability. You can keep three guns in ready position and the other two in a flat position. It is only for keeping guns; therefore, it provides the best security with an electrical locking system.

There is a quick access key that has a door with spring loaded down in it. This is for any emergency situation.

It also has a red light into its interior, and it can easily make all the things visible to the user in the dark. This thing has a silent mode so the button won’t make a sound if the user wants.

The construction of this gun safe is secured with steel. This product provides maximum durability in any situation. Therefore, it is dependable.

There is a cable in this product that ensures high security. This also acts as a secondary security system.

Inside the gun safe, there is a foam padding. This has a high density, and this provides maximum softness to the interior space. Therefore, the guns inside it won’t have any scratches. It is approved by the California DOJ for its security.

What We Liked

  • Enough storage for 5 guns though it is small.
  • Compact design.
  • Best electric security system.
  • Quick access button.
  • It has an interior light colored red.
  • Construction is secured by steel.
  • Secondary security cable.
  • Foamed padding makes the inside premium.
  • Scratch resisting rods to hold the guns.

What We Didn’t like

  • It needs 300 to 500ms to register each key codes and to open.
  • The interior light is of low watt so any external light may make id faded.

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10. First Alert 5100KBest Car Gun Safe

First Alert 5100K Car Gun Safe

First Alert is a famous company that has been producing quality gun safes for almost 60 years. They are dependable and have a massive number of customers.

The design of this First Alert 5100K handgun safe makes it the best car gun safe. It is compact and catchy. You can buy this one if you carry your firearm with you but rarely use it.

It meets all the guidelines from TSA airlines. It is approved by TSA, and you can depend on it in any situation.

This gun safe is constructed with 18 gauge steel. This is so far the strongest material in our gun safe review list.

It has a powder coating finish. This is black. Therefore, the look is premium, and the quality is also better than ordinary gun safes.

It weighs only 3 pounds. So you can easily keep it with you.

There is a protective foam inside it. So the gun will not get any scratches while in it.

The security system of this handgun safe is an electrical combination system. There is also a steel cable that is for extra security purpose. This cable can withstand 1500 pounds weight force.

What We Liked

  • Manufactured by famous gun safe maker First Alert.
  • Best car gun safe.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy portability.
  • Foam padding for premium quality.
  • Quick access advantage.
  • Secondary steel cable protection.

What We Didn’t like

  • The size is compatible with only small handguns.

11. Paragon 7750Hidden Gun Safe 

Paragon 7750 Hidden Gun Safe

This is a wall safe lock that is made by Paragon. The structure is made of 16 gauge solid steel. It is 1/8 inches thick, and hand or other tools attack resistant. So the user can easily rely on its durability.

It is the best-hidden gun safe on the market right now. This is large and easy to install on the wall.

The manufacturer of this gun safe offers 10 years of warranty. So if any valid damage occurs in this lifetime, you can repair it for free.

The frame of this safe is not cut straightly along with the drywall. Therefore it can give extraordinary stealth if you want to hide this gun safe.

It offers two locking system. You can secure this safe using a key or combination code. So this gives you the space to choose the fittest one for the user.

There is a flat panel to the entire design of this wall safe. It is for the conciliation of the safe. There are a buzzer and an indicating light in it.

In this safe, there are pre-drilled holes that help the user to fix with bolts. This is for easy anchoring of the safe.

There is a powder coating inside and outside of the gun safe. It has tamper resisting hinges. The bottom is padded with the same color of the powder coating.

It has 1 inch of the frame around the frontal side of this safe. So, it can save the safe from horizontal or vertical attack when attached to the wall.

You can store your jewelry and other valuables inside this safe. The storage is expandable if the user wants. You can keep long guns inside it.

What We Liked

  • Made with 1/8 inches thick 16 gauges solid steel.
  • Carpeted bottom inside the safe.
  • Outside and interior side is coated with powder.
  • Mat padded inside.
  • Programmable and simple electric lock.
  • Also has a key to open.
  • Comes with an indicator LED.
  • Also has an alerting buzzer.

What We Didn’t like

  • For some user, the interior depth may seem small.

12. Stanley Digital FitsCheap Gun Safe

Stanley Digital Fits​ Cheap Gun Safe

We choose this gun safe because of its features in this price range. You may consider this gun safe as the best price on a gun safe. It is loaded with cool features. This is a handgun safe that has a digital system in it.

It is a personal lock-box that can easily & safely store two pistols at a time. It also can keep other valuable goods like ammunition, coins, passport, cash, and jewelry, etc. So it can be used for various purposes.

This has a PIN entry system that is an electric security system. The security keypad of this safe ensures fast entry with programmable four digit code.

It also has a tubular key which is manual. There is an integrated auto backup enabled memory system.

You can get access to this gun safe with a single hand. It has a convenient cover that pops to open with the help of compression latch. This provides quick and powerful security.

The system is noiseless, and you can use it without attracting anyone. There is an emergency access system in it.

The construction of this gun safe is reliable. It is made of solid steel and the heavy duty container offers a seamlessly welded body that is pry-proof. This body also has scratch proof powder coating and trim that protects the interior side.

This Best Budget Gun Safe has versatile mounting capabilities. Comes with holes that are pre-drilled. It also has a mounting kit that helps to anchor under any bed, against the wall, or in the closet.

Inside the package, there are four additional AA batteries. It makes sure you can use this gun safe for ages without buying new batteries.

What We Liked

  • Digital locking system.
  • Versatile goods can be easily put into it.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Programmable security system.
  • Solid constriction made of steel.
  • Fine powder coating that resists scratches.
  • Single hand operating access ability Pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.

What We Didn’t like

  • The buttons may not seem clicky to some users.

13. V-Line Brute Safe – Gun Safe for The Money

V-Line Brute Gun Safe for The Money

This gun safe is made by V-Line. They constructed it with 10 gauge steel with an overlapping lid making it virtually pry-proof when bolted down to a solid surface. This makes it one of the guns safe for the money.

The inside of the gun safe is compatible with any sizes of handguns. It is stronger than other ordinary safes in this price range.

The security system of this handgun safe is reliable quick access mechanical push button lock. The operating system of this gun safe is easy. You can easily access your gun anytime you want. This gun safe is pry resistant.

There are four pre-drilled bolts that can be used for mounting in any place you want. The door auto opens with the help of a gas piston. This is what makes it a cool gun safe.

It’s weight only 23 pounds so that you can move it quite easily. In this case, pre-drilled bolts can be helpful.

What We Liked

  • Toughest construction quality.
  • Stronger than any other similar gun safes in case of durability.
  • The simple mechanism of security.
  • Easy to access.
  • Steel housing is impact proof.
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy mounting.
  • Best choice for handguns.
  • Gas piston for automatic opening.

What We Didn’t like

  • Poor Security for teenagers.

14. SentrySafe Quick AccessBest for Handgun

SentrySafe Quick Access for Handgun

This handgun safe is known as the best safe for its storage advantage according to its size. You can store two handguns of standard size.

You can also keep one larger handgun and extra ammo. This electrical security system based gun safe has a quick, noiseless key entry system. It has a strut that works with the help of a compression gas to opens the door quietly.

You can use this handgun safe single-handed. To do so, you have to be used to with all the functions of this safe.

To make sure of the visibility of gun storage in dark situation there is an LED inside it. It has high-intensity, and the interior LED is programmable. This program can make the light to blink with 0, 10 s or 20s intervals.

This gun lock container has a pry-resistant door and solid steel construction providing strength and security against unauthorized access to firearms

It has a quick access advantage. This is for convenient backup to the user at any time. It is also approved by the California DOJ. Therefore, this security safe is approved for quality safety usage.

What We Liked

  • Enough storage space.
  • Extra ammo carrying the advantage.
  • Quick and safe entry.
  • Best electrical security system.
  • LED indicator for easy usage.
  • Noiseless.
  • Solid steel construction.
  • California DOJ approved.

What We Didn’t like

  • The battery life is comparatively poor.

15. SentrySafe Touchscreen SafeBest Fireproof Gun Safe

SentrySafe Touchscreen gun safe Fireproof

It comes with advanced protection from fire. This safe has endurance in the fire for an hour and can withstand up to 1700 degree Fahrenheit. This is classified by UL and verified by ETL. This safe has an extraordinary impact absorbing ability. It can secure CDs, digital media and memory stick inside it even if it drops from 15 feet.

Moreover, this security safe is verified by ETL for its waterproof advantage. It verifies that this safe can survive to protect its goods inside for keeping it under water for 24 hours under 8 inches of water.

In this digital safe there is a tamper alarm which is loud. It can alert the user if an unwanted person tries to get access.

There are six live bolts for locking bolts. This makes sure of the hard security of the gun safe.

The steel construction of this safe’s door is pry-resistant. So you can be protected from any tools attack.

Its hinge bar, hardware that is a bolt down and the dual key to help the safe to prevent any unauthorized access or removal of the user’s personal safe.

The extra-large gun safe ensures enough space for all the valuable goods. There is an additional multi-position drawer in this safe. The door pocket has a key rack for maximum organization.

Interior of this safe has a dimension of 13.8 in. H by 12.6 in. W by 11.9 in. D. the exterior design has 17.8 in. H by 16.3 in. W by 19.3 in. D.

The touchscreen of this safe is the coolest features that this price can offer. The electrical security system is also very reliable.

If there is any accidental damage occurs to the safe because of fire, SentrySafe offers replacement guarantee to the product you are using. So, you can say all these features make it the best fireproof gun safe of 2018.

What We Liked

  • Reliable design.
  • Best fireproof gun safe for all time.
  • Water resistance.
  • Tested and approved by UL and ETS.
  • Digital security system.
  • Enough space to keep various tools.
  • Withstand fire for an hour up to 1700 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Enough space for keeping other valuable tools.

What We Didn’t like

  • The inside design could be more premium in quality.

16. V-Line Slide-Away Security American Made Gun Safe 

V-Line American Made Gun Safe

If you are looking for an American made the gun safe, this is the best American made gun safe at this time. It is the best because of the premium quality of the product. This security case has multi-purpose usage. You can keep your tablet, cash, jewelry as well as your guns.

There is a shell that can easily hold all your valuables in one place. The outer shell is made of 12 gauge solid steel.

It contains simplex push buttons for safe’s security. This thing is programmed by the user. There are no batteries, so you’ll have no chance of going dead.

This gun safe has side away that makes it standard in mounting it. There is a bracket that gives access to the side away on top or under the surface of the safe.

The gun safe weight only 22 pounds. Therefore, you can carry this wherever you want.

You can access more space if you take out the shell. To keep large handguns, you can do this. This safe’s pullout drawer has a dimension of 11.5 D x 8.75 W x 2.5 h inches. It comes with two layers of padded foam to protect your valuable goods.

What We Liked

  • 12 gauge steel construction.
  • Multi-purpose usage.
  • Large handgun carrying capability.
  • Can be mounted in any place.
  • A foamed bottom side of the safe.
  • Compact design.
  • Easy to transport with.

What We Didn’t like

  • After long careless use, the knob may seem loose.

17. V-Line 31242-SABest Case for Riffle

V-Line 31242-SA Case for Riffle

This is our last gun safe in this review. You can say this is the best rifle case in the market right now. This has a compact design that makes it the best. The body of this rifle case is made of 16 gauge solid carbon steel.

It is durable and reliable to the users. This rifle safe’s size is compatible with AR-15 type rifles. These types are the large and most used size in the market. The rifle case has stealth ability. You can easily hide this in your home.

There is a pre-drilled hole in this rifle case. So you can mount this anywhere you want. The primary lock of this rifle case is the electrical combination code system. This is the most used and most reliable type of security for gun safes nowadays.

There is a quick access button in this case. You can easily get access to your device in case of an emergency. You can keep your emergency access active anytime because doesn’t require any battery.

The powder coating of this rifle case creates a professional look. The low gloss black finish is also attractive.

It weighs only 32 pounds. So it has easy portability. The rifle case has a dimension of 3.5 x 12 x 42 inches. So it easy to carry it at any place.

What We Liked

  • Best rifle case.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Compact design.
  • Dependable structure.
  • Quick access button.
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy installation.
  • Has black powder coating.

What We Didn’t like

  • It can scratch easily if not used with proper care.

A Complete Buying Guide

When you are looking for the best one at this time, you need to think about some key things about the safe. You should consider these crucial factors before buying your very first gun safe:

  • Gun Safe with Full-Size

The reason behind going after full sized gun safes is it is cheaper than other ones. When you are buying a safe for the first time, you won’t invest that much money after it. For new users, they only have one firearm. So this full-sized safe can fill that gun and additional ammo with it. Therefore, while getting used to it won’t seem small to the user.

Gun safes are for the safety of the gun. So that, maximum security is provided in these cases. So, if you buy a full-size gun safe it will help you by keeping your other valuables in it. Full-sized safes have best quality and construction. So they are more reliable.

  • Quality in Construction

The manufacturing process has an important role in the quality of the material. If it is constructed with high-quality material, it can easily save your valuables and guns from thieves. There is various type of construction in gun safe industries. They offer a variously numbered gauge steel. The higher the number, the stronger it gets.

This manufacturing process can help a safe to withstand fire in some cases. These are strong, and normally they are of a high price. If you are a professional, you can choose these types of safes for you.

  • Size

Without any doubt, the size of the gun safe is a vital factor. First of all, you need to make a certain space where you will keep this box. This will help you to choose the safe size that you can keep in your home. You need to decide if the safe is to keep in eyesight or hidden. It will also help you to buy the best one for you.

  • Design

Even though it is certainly not the key element to take into consideration when purchasing a gun safe, you must always remember the fact that no matter what safe you choose to purchase, you’ll be forced to look at it on a daily basis for a long time. A gun safe is much like any other element of home furniture, it got its functions, and why not make the purchase count and opt-in for great design as well.

  • Space

The inside space is also an important factor. If you are using large guns and bought a compact one, this won’t be compatible with you. So, you need to choose wisely before buying one.

An outstanding gun is as a friend to the user. It serves the user for a long time. So if the safe has enough space, this will help you to keep other things eventually. The measurement given by the manufacturer may not be accurate. Therefore, you have to buy a larger one that can make sure of keeping your guns in a safe place.

You also need to think as space is not way too big for you. This is also not a very good sight for the user.

  • Weight

To start with, a lighter, simpler-to-move safe may possibly sound exciting. As I did mention above, weight is something you need to think about, and you need to ask yourself the question of whether the safe is heavy (or light) enough.

To be safe, you need to invest in a safe that weights around 500 lbs. The more difficult you make it for a burglary to maneuver your safe out of the house, the better off you are. Again, if the intention is there, nothing can stop a burglar. That is to say, if a person enters your house with the intention to steal something, that person will enter no matter how hard it might seem to break in.

  • The Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism is the element that controls how you access your safe. There are a couple of specified varieties that you can choose from, manual and digital.

The digital mechanism will provide you with the advantage of being in a position to rapidly access your weapons. On the other hand, the manual mechanism will usually last for a longer time and present you with somewhat more security.

  • Quality of the Locking Bolts

If you think about it, what is it that stands between a thief and your firearms? It’s thick steel bars that are intended to keep your safe closed. An outstanding, dependable gun safe will need to have a minimum of 4 bolts. Similarly, the thickness and sturdiness of the bolts are every bit as essential to keep your safe secure from all the tools that a thief might bring with him to your house.

Final Words

I hope this gun safe review can help you to get vital information about the gun safe. The buying guide of this review makes all the important factors clear to the new users. It has enough info to help the professionals as well.

All the gun safes are of various quality and unique features. You can compare these products in the market with its price range if you have any doubt about this review. I guess you won’t find any exceptions.

Finally, I hope all my hard work may help you to find the best gun safe for you.

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  1. These are all great tips and considerations for purchasing a gun safe! Great buying guide overall– a lot of gun owners bot beginner and professional will learn a lot from this as you said. 🙂 thanks for this post! will recommend!

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