Best RC Helicopter Kit For 2019 [Buying Guide Inside]

Best RC Helicopter 2019

No matter you are looking for a kid’s fun time, or an adult’s new hobby, very few toys can be better choices than one of the Best RC Helicopter. But when you are in the market to buy one, that’s where the actual trouble begins.

In 2019, toys and related accessories have become one of the most saturated industries. Hundreds of brands and manufacturers are in a race of stealing your bucks in return of just a plastic body with a few electronics in it. So, it’s a hard nut to crack when you’re determined to find the best one.

But as you have landed on this page, you can rely on our experts. They have just selected up the hottest picks of the market and reviewed their goods and bads in a neutral manner. And throughout this article, we are going to demonstrate that research data.

So, take a cup of coffee, relax and keep gliding through the best RC helicopter kit reviews of today’s market. We promise that, at one point, you will find your right pick.

Let’s get started-

Best RC Helicopter Toy – How It Works

1. Syma S107/S107GBest Rated RC Helicopter

Syma S107 RC helicopter

Syma RC helicopter will turn into your kid’s favorite toy and the kid can’t help having a pastime with it. So, it’s best that you get something that lasts for long, performs at a top-notch level and be of your kid’s favorite color. Considering all of these perspectives, we have got the Best Rated RC Helicopter of the current market, the name is Syma S107 and it worth every penny that you might invest in it. However, here are some more details-

What do you want most when you fly a helicopter in the air? A smooth control on the flight, isn’t it? Well, that depends on how much easy control the RC helicopter has and how much stability it can contain while flying in a particular direction.

From the sense of stability, the Syma S107 has some built-in technology with the gyroscope that helps it to fly stable. Also, the controls of this model are made perfect for beginners. In other words, the control is as easy for any kind of persons. It can adjust the spin phenomena while it’s flying.

Somehow, if the helicopter gets chocked, you don’t have to worry about its internal safety. It has double protection of automatic power off enabled. It will switch off the power as soon as it’s chocked.

To entertain the user, even more, the helicopter has a set of a colorful flashlight. It will make your night flying experience even more entertaining.

Coming to the power unit, we found a 3.7 V 150 mAh Li-Po battery inside. With full charge provided, the battery can let it fly for 6-8 minutes continuously. And in case you run out of charge, they will provide a USB charger to power it up again. It takes 50-60 minutes to charge up the battery to the fullest. It is also our top pick for Best Electric Helicopter.

Although the charging time seems to be a few minutes more than other 150 mAh batteries, that doesn’t matter I guess.

If you decide to buy this product, you will have a bonus opportunity to choose one of five different colors. The colors include Green, White, Red, Blue, and Yellow.

From every point of view, this is one of the Best Rated RC helicopters.

What We Liked

  • Advanced gyro technology for stable flying.
  • Powered by Lipo 150 mAh, 3.7 V battery.
  • Can fly the helicopter for 6-8 minutes.
  • Colorful flashlights for nighttime fun.
  • Double protection to protect it while chocked.
  • Easy and smooth navigators.
  • A great RC helicopter for beginners.
  • Five available color options to choose from.

What We Didn’t like

  • The battery takes 5-10 minutes more to get recharged.

2. Syma S111GBest Under $50

Syma S111G rc helicopter under 50Best RC Helicopter Kit For 2019 [Buying Guide Inside] 1

To control this Syma S111G is an ultimate source of fun for kids and adults. You can turn it up/down or right/left and even forward/backward with just presses on the remote control. Moreover, to keep the track straight and smooth, a 2 frequency gyro is added to the model.

To make it as the light or heavy as you want, all the parts are made as spare parts. There is a 1 piece tail blade that you can attach or detach as per your wish.

Moving to the power section, we found another set of good news. The battery itself is a Lithium Polymer type battery with a Voltage of 3.7V. It has a C rate of 15C and an amperage of 150 mAh. If you want to look further, you will find a 1S cell with a continuous discharge of 2.25A.

The motor that’s used in this copter is a 0.56 Watt brushed motor. Such power is very perfectly suited for RC copters of this size.

To charge the copter battery, you need to have a USB chargeable system. Don’t worry, the box itself includes a USB cable and a charger adapter itself. As the battery is 150 mAh only, it will take a minimum time to be charged. However, we recommend to charge the battery up fully before you use it each time. From an empty battery to a fully charged one, it takes only 40 minutes to be exact.

Another important factor about every RC toy helicopter of the market is its flying range. To be straightforward, the range of this copter isn’t much. It’s just 8 meters, to be precise. But if you consider the weight of this copter, you will be happy. It weighs just 0.32 ounces, which is one of the lowest among such models. With such a low weight, you can have the full freedom of flight within these 8 meters range only.

Now, who are the idea users of this copter? We went through the user’s manual and checked how much difficulty it has in controlling. From our point of view, it’s a perfect kit for kids over 15 years of age. For anyone under this age range, should control and fly it under adult supervision.

Last but not least, we can’t mention the extremely low price as another plus point of this model. Therefore, this is our pick for RC helicopter under $50.

What We Liked

  • 5-8 minutes of fly time.
  • 8 meters of flying range with infrared control radio.
  • Up/Down, Left/Right, Forward/Backward easy and smooth control.
  • Spare parts to make flying easier.
  • Includes 1 USB cable and charger to charge the battery.
  • Powered by 150 mAh Li-Po battery.
  • 15C continuous discharge.
  • 0.56 Watt/hour brushless motor.
  • Controlled by infrared-radio at indoor.
  • The best budget and affordable.
  • Very light in weight, only .32 ounces.

What We Didn’t like

  • Not for kids under 14.

3. Blade BLH4100Best Outdoor RC Helicopter

Blade BLH4100 rc outdoor helicopterBest RC Helicopter Kit For 2019 [Buying Guide Inside] 2

Blade BLH4100 is the next RC helicopter on the podium. The best thing that we found is, it’s so easy to fly for both intermediate and basic users. The reasons are not that it has an automated pilot or something. It lies within the electronics of the toy.

In Sub-micro Blade 120S, they have used a technology called SAFE technology. What it does is- it combines a coaxial helis technology and a multi-rotor drone technology into one. They call it the Single-rotor Heli technology. Which ultimately, makes this helicopter a very easy-to-control one.

Next on, we would like to draw your attention to the heli of it. It’s 120 SR Heli and that’s designed after the famous micro-size Blade mSR heli. This 120 SR heli comes with a mission of pride maximum internal stability of a coaxial helicopter. Being modeled after the original micro-size Blade mSR, the 120 SR had been made more powerful and faster. So, it will provide a great leap forward with simpler mechanics. The simple mechanics inside is another reason for this helicopter being so less in weight.

If you are dealing with an RC copter for the first time, it’s easy to get several crashers while flying it. So, the very next question that you need to ask is, how durable the material of this copter is? Well, with a lightweight frame made of polymer, it comes with one of the most durable lifetimes. The level of mechanical and electrical work is also appreciable.

Size matters a lot when you come to pick up an RC helicopter model. From that point of view, you will be gainer If you pick this micro-class machine. Because of the compact size, it’s great for using at outdoor flights. Although it can’t undergo a high wind flow, as long as you have a low wind at outdoor, this can be an ultimate source of joy.

Till now, it had been proved as the best outdoor helicopter of the market. But thinking about indoor? Well. This Blade RC Helicopter can be flown in indoor as well. If you are a good controller, then you can’t help falling in love with this amazing copter.

Lastly, one warning when you have to run this product. As it contains a low power 12 Li-Po battery always remember to keep an extra set of battery in hands.

Judging everything that matter about a remote-control helicopter, we found the Blade BLH4100 as a perfect pick for the money.

What We Liked

  • The airframe is made of durable polymer.
  • Powered by ultra-efficient SAFE technology.
  • Compact size, fit for both indoor and outdoor.
  • Receiver made of SPECTRUM technology.
  • 5 minutes of playtime.
  • Includes assembly blade and Li-Po charger.
  • No building necessary with the fully assembled model.
  • Has a panic recovery mode.
  • Multifunctional transmitter.
  • Durable construction with carbon-fiber parts.
  • A good pick for the money.

What We Didn’t like

  • Required repetitive battery refill.

4. UDI U13ARC Helicopter with Camera

UDI U13A rc helicopter with camera

An RC copter won’t be anymore if it can serve you both with its amazing flight and a video recorder. Not only to enjoy a pastime, but it can also be used in several security purposes as well. At #4, we’ve picked such one copter that checks all the boxes mentioned above.

Usual copters are of three channel controls, which lets the user control in three different dimensions. But when you have the same direction with 6 channel control panel, that means you can have more control and precision on the flight of the copter.

The directions that we are talking about are right/left, up/down and clockwise/anticlockwise turn. Again, replacing right and left turn with clockwise and anticlockwise turning is a great step ahead. If you are good at controlling the RC control unit, this will lead you to a smooth ride of the RC copter.

The unit contains a three-axis gyro, a mixer, a receiver, an ESC and so on. Having such parts inside, it will surely lead to one of the best flying experience ever.

In case the copter gets into any collision or crash, don’t worry about any damage. Until or unless the collision isn’t so severe, it won’t hard it’s insider parts. The parts are made to be strong and covered with a metal frame. So, it’s made to be durable.

For three Heli flying, the unit contains three different channels. Which leads to supreme and smooth control experience.

In case you forget to take the plug out, it has a self-overcharging stopper. Such a feature will surely prolong the lifetime of the battery. So, you don’t have to worry about buying new batteries after a few weeks.

Now let’s get back to the camera. It has a couple of cameras fitted inside that will help you to take pictures of it while flying. You can use it for security purposes, or just as a surprisingly fun time. But such complicate does mean that any kid can’t handle the operations of it. It needs to have some previous experience or a few hours of training before anyone gets to control and fly it.

What We Liked

  • 4-in-1 infrared control receiver.
  • Contains a set of the camera to take pictures and videos.
  • Endurance and protection enabled design.
  • Contains three channels for 3 heli fly.
  • 6 directional movements.
  • Protection from overcharging.
  • Contains a handful of accessories.

What We Didn’t like

  • Need prior training and experience before running it.

5. Syma S109GBest For Beginners

Syma S109G helicopter for beginners

What does a beginner want from an RC helicopter? Smooth control and amazing playtime, right? Well, at #5 of the list, we have got something that meets both of the criteria. Apart from these, this one is one of the most popular picks of the current market.

Want to know the reasons? Go through the Syma S109G features below-

Let’s start with how does the Syma S109G look. As it’s claimed to be a good fit for beginners, it should have a good visual appeal. And the good news is, it has a great design full of detailed linings. And the entire body simulation is also something that deserves a round of applause.

Running out of power wall outlet nearby? Don’t worry at all. Syma S109G can be charged from USB power sources as well. It can be either a power bank or the USB port of your laptop. The copter can be charged from any USB power source that maintains a 5V output constantly.

Products from Syma have a very similar set of features, especially when it comes to Syma RC helicopters. On that note, the Syma S109G also has a fight control with movements like Up/down, Left/right turn and forward/backward movement. With a 3.5 channel Gyro, controlling it and moving it is so easy. In fact, this ease in use is the reason that made this copter as the best beginner rc helicopter.

A spare tail blade comes with the set that can be added or detached from the main body. If you include it with the body, the weight might be increased a little, but it will help you to have a firmer control over the movements of the copter.

The power unit seems to be very similar for such RC copters. It runs from a Li-Po battery of 3.7V and 150 mAh power. And the motor is a brushed one with a wattage of 0.56 per hour. Also, the control panel is made of infrared rays. That indicates that you can fly the Syma S109G only indoor. Outdoor flying seems to be hard, as the infrared control doesn’t come with that level of the precision outside.

You can charge the battery of the copter in two ways. One is through a USB power outlet, and another is through direct wall-mounted outlets. Of course, the second one will be faster, but the first method is helpful when you’re not close to a wall mounted power source.

From an empty battery to a fully charged one, it takes about 40 minutes.

Considering the level of control that a 12-15 years kid can, the Syma S109G is found to be a perfect toy to pass the time with creativity. In fact, elders and adults also can have a fun time with Syma S109G.

What We Liked

  • Gyro sensor for stable flying.
  • Easy control and operation.
  • Dual charging option from both USB and AC outlets.
  • The flight characteristics are very stable.
  • Powered by 150 mAh Li-po battery.
  • A great design with detailed linings on the body.
  • Easy and light carrying weight.
  • Infrared controller.
  • A great buy for the money.

What We Didn’t like

  • Not a great fit for outdoor use.


6. Cheerwing S107/S107GBest Indoor RC Helicopter

Cheerwing S107 RC Indoor helicopter

What does a small-sized RC helicopter can bring on? Especially when it’s from a brand like Syma? Yes, you got it right. It’s speed and agility. If you’re looking for something to play the game of speed, the Cheerwing S107 is the best choice.

Apart from its small and compact size, it has quite other features to talk about. First of all, let’s talk about the features that make this copter such a unique one-

Instead of controlling one helicopter at a time, why not run two? Yes, the controller of this S107 comes with two selectable frequencies in it. With the changeable frequency, you can control two different copters at the same time. Each of the control panels has a 3-channel control. with three channels, you can move it across three different dimensions. They are- forward/backward, Up/down and Left/right.

You may have noticed that we have already announced this product as the best indoor RC helicopter. The reason behind is, the speed and agility that Cheerwing S107 brings are quite unfit to test in the open air. So, it’s better to be played inside the walls.

To give it a very realistic touch, the S107 contains colorful flashlights that blink. With such feature, night flying will be an ultimate fun.

The S107 provides precise control over the movement. And don’t worry if you lose control for a moment. It is framed with string and rigid metal to protect the body from shocks and collisions. But it’s not waterproof. That’s kind of a drawback for the product.

There are three colors to choose from- blue, yellow and red. Based on your kid’s choice, you can get one of them right away.

Lastly, you are getting the product for a very short price. The price seems to be very worth it.

What We Liked

  • 3 channel infrared remote control.
  • Can move up/down, right/left and forward/backward.
  • Very compact and small in size, high in speed and agility.
  • Colorful flashlights for nighttime fun.
  • Can run 2 RC helicopters at the same time.
  • 2 selectable frequencies available.
  • Three models to choose from.
  • Very affordable in terms of price.
  • A great pick for indoor flying.

What We Didn’t like

  • Isn’t a waterproof RC helicopter.
  • Doesn’t have any rotational turn.

7. EACHINE H101Best Mini RC helicopter

EACHINE H101 mini rc HelicopterBest RC Helicopter Kit For 2019 [Buying Guide Inside] 3

No matter how expensive or complex an RC helicopter is, kids always find it hard when too much jerking or fluctuations take place. For that, they need some kind of control in the control panel that helps them out balancing the flight.

And in EACHINE H101 Remote Control Helicopter, we found exactly this feature. They call it trimming technology, which can be used to adjust the flight when it’s turning right or left. The trimmer (aka fine-tuning button) can be moved up and down till you find the perfect solution to the problem. Moving forward, we found another set of excellent features inside it.

We have already noticed that most of the RC copters come with a 3 channel control. But in case of EACHINE H101 Remote Control Small Helicopter, it’s a 3.5 channel control. The technology contains a hover motor that lets you fly it towards every direction. Comparing the flying technology and control, we found it to be one of the finest flying advantages in control.

You have to do radio channel matching before you can actually get it to fly. There are three different radio channels to choose from and once you are done, it’s ready to fly. The control is exactly the same as the joystick that you use while gaming on TV or Play Station.

Comparing the size and set of features it has, we found it to be one of the best mini RC helicopters of the market. What do you think?

What We Liked

  • One key matching function.
  • 3.5 channel smooth control.
  • A control panel looking like joysticks.
  • Trimming technology in controlling.
  • Includes a fine-tuning button.
  • No chance to lose control.
  • A compact size and weight.
  • Made of durable material.

What We Didn’t like

  • Not too long flying range.

8. HakToys HAK303RC Helicopter For Kids

HakToys HAK303 RC Helicopter for kidsBest RC Helicopter Kit For 2019 [Buying Guide Inside] 4

HakToys HAK303 RC Helicopter is ranked at #8 of the list and it’s a compact model with every desired feature in it. No matter if you are looking for a cheap product that checks all the boxes of quality, our recommendation goes to the HakToys HAK303 Mini RC Helicopter. It’s a compact and mini sized helicopter with a gyroscope, infrared controller, a great battery lifetime and so on.

Comparing all the features with other available RC helicopters of the market, we found its compact design and battery life as the best features ever. It contains a power backup of 6-8 minutes to the copter. And the even more interesting fact is, it will only take 30 minutes to charge up the battery to the fullest. Of course, the credit goes to the USB charger of high amperage.

The flight range is more than satisfactory in the case of this helicopter. With the infrared controller, you can control the flight of this copter up to a range of 50 feet. That’s incredible and rare for such helicopters of a cheap price range.

having optimal control once the flights are something that everyone desires while playing with an RC copter. On that note, HakToys HAK303 Mini RC Helicopter will put a smile on your face. Because it has a built-in gyroscope that brings on stable and smooth flight control in the hands of the user.

In case you are afraid of accidental crashes of the copter, don’t worry. Because it has a metal frame that will protect it from all kind of such collisions. So, use it carefully, and it can easily last for years.

It’s made to be a source of fun indoor. What it means is, the user is recommended to use this product not under sunlight. Because direct sunlight can deduce the signal strength of the copter. Keep in mind that if you are interested in this product.

What We Liked

  • Made of a strong and sturdy metal frame.
  • Contains a gyro for self-balancing.
  • Maximum stability with ease of control.
  • Controlled by an infrared radio controller.
  • 30 minutes of charging time to the fullest.
  • Supports the copter to fly for 6-8 minutes.
  • A great flying range of 50 feet.
  • A compact and mini sized copter.

What We Didn’t like

  • Exposure to sunlight may harm the signal strength.

9. SkyCo RTF  – Cheap rC helicopter

SkyCo 3.5 Channel Missile Shooting RC HelicopterBest RC Helicopter Kit For 2019 [Buying Guide Inside] 5

Want to fly a fighter copter? Or take yourself through the feel of an air fight? Well, we just got the real-time replica of a missile carrying RC copter at #9. It’s the cheap RC helicopter of the market, and it has all other qualities that anyone seeks in an affordable helicopter. It’s called the SkyCo 3.5 Channel Missile Shooting RC Helicopter and it comes from the brand Xheli.

Talking about the missile that this copter carries, they are six in number and made of plastic. Each of the six missiles is with a redhead to give it a more realistic look. Also, you can shoot the missiles one by one. So, fly it as much as you want and shot at the target with ease.

While shooting, your enemies might get frightened with it. And that’s what happens in the real battlefield. To make it close to reality, the brand has added a sound effect each time you shoot. Also, a flashing LED will blink as you make the shoot.

Let’s talk about control now. To control the SkyCo 3.5 Channel Cheap Toy Helicopter, you will have a 3.5 channel control scheme. The controller will use an infrared signal to move it around. But it’s more accurate and conventional that the infrared signal you see on usual models of RC helicopter.

To take the design a bit closer to reality, it contains a detailed canopy on the top of the model. The canopy also contains LED lights.

With the control in hand, you can move it towards the direction of right/left, or backward/forward and can turn right/left. With a gyro sensor present in it, you will not have any difficulty to move it towards the direction you desire.

As a missile helicopter, we found the price very budget-friendly. In terms of control and design, we found it no less than any 100 bucks rc helicopters. In addition, the detailed design has added a plus to the model. Only reasons of us giving it a rank of #9 is, it’s over-consumption of the battery. Due to the presence of missile launcher, LED lights and some other power consumers, the battery doesn’t last more than 3-5 minutes. Everything else about the product is pretty fine.

Let us know what you think about the product.

What We Liked

  • A great and detailed design.
  • Front canopy with detailed design.
  • Contains a set of six missiles to launch consecutively.
  • 3.5 channel infrared control.
  • Durable metal frame for a long-lasting lifetime.
  • Can move forward/backward. right/left and up/down.
  • Mini and compact in size.
  • A great kit for 15+ years of kids.

What We Didn’t like

  • Consumes a lot of battery charge.

10. WLtoys S977Best Metal RC Helicopter


WLtoys S977 Metal Gyro Helicopter

RC helicopters are controlled by means of hand-held radio transmitters. There is a plenitude of determinations related with RC helicopters that incorporate the various channel frequencies. These frequencies are basically the capacities that work the helicopters. The higher the measure of channel frequencies the additionally difficult it is to work the helicopter.

WLtoys S977 3.5 Ch Radio RC Metal Gyro Helicopter is Suitable for fourteen years of age individuals and up. Keep the little parts from kids if there should arise an occurrence of gagging accident. Please pick a place without hindrance and keep separate from the group and pets.No playing it under the hazardous, for example, warm source, wire or electric power source. S977 is the most recent innovation in Rolling RC patterns.

It can fulfill you whatever the indoor and open air. 360 degrees turn, forward, in reverse and float enhance the fascination of the helicopter. The casing is along with a camera which can sapling in the flight. The RC is planned along with an LCD show for less demanding and more exact operation.RC Distance is 10 meters. The battery is 3.7 V 280 mAh.

This is the best RC copter due to its minimized size. It makes it easy to control and move around. The development of this particular RC helicopter is easy to understand for unpracticed RC pilots. Youngsters are more seasoned than 15 will be engaged with flying this inside the house as it’s not suited for the outside. As a parent, you require not to stress over harm to indoor stylistic layout, as long as your kid has culminated the controls.

It has 1.1 pounds of weight and 13.2 x 11.5 x 3.2 inches Dimensions.

What We Liked

  • Quick and Agile.
  • Watches cool out of the bundle.
  • Fabulous toy and furthermore not costly by any stretch of the imagination.
  • This helicopter is well constructed too.
  • It has a tough metal casing.

What We Didn’t like

  • The controller feels sort of gooey.
  • Brakes effortlessly.

Buying Guide of RC Helicopter

Thanks for being through ten of our best picks. You might have ample idea about what’s good and what’s bad about all these products. Now it’s time to pick up your one.

At this section of the content, we have come up with a full set of buying guides that will help you to pick up the best model within your budget. We have kept every common factor in mind, and therefore here is the buying guide-

  • The pitch of the copter

What matters most when you use an RC copter is its smoothness in control. Some models come with right/left turn and some more come with clockwise/anticlockwise turn. The different that creates these variables is the pitch of the copter.   Usually, there are two kinds of pitches in RC copters. One is a fixed pitch and another is a collective pitch. If you chose to have a collective pitch, you can change the angle of the design in case you chose a fixed one, you can’t change the angle of the blade.

  • Number of Channels

Channels are the part of the control panel that let you control the copter while flying. The number of channels defines that on how many directions you can fly the coper. If you have 2 channels on it, you can access the throttle and the aileron. As a result, you will have two-dimensional control over the movement of the copter. In case you have a three-dimensional control panel, the number of direction that you can move the copter will be six. These are right/left, upward/downward and front/back.

  • Size of the Copter

The size of the copter matters a lot, as you are about to get a copter for you. First of all, it matters whether you want to use it in indoor and outdoor. For indoor use, you could get one with infrared control. And if you want to get one for outdoor use, you need to ensure that no interruption occurs due to sunlight.   Also, depending on the size, the functions of the RC copters matters a lot. You also need to keep an eye on that.

Do you need a license to fly an RC Helicopter?

If you use the standard RC frequencies, this is not mandatory to get a license for your copter. But to be on the safe side, you can join the AMA and in a local club. This is almost the same getting a license when you fly according to the guidelines of these organization.

When your copter uses a frequency that doesn’t fall under the range of the RC, you have to register through the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). This registration is applicable for any aircraft that weighs more than 0.55 pounds and less than 55 pounds and have payloads such as a camera. Recently they offered a free registration program for small unmanned aircraft and that free offer isn’t available now. Don’t think that the registration fee will break your bank; still, you can have it just by spending only $5.

With this license, you will have a unique identification number that you can put on any unmanned aircraft that falls under their guidelines.

6 Tips to Be A Master on Flying RC Helicopters

As the article had been guiding you to your favorite radio control helicopter, it’s better to get some tips aside. So, here we have picked up 6 expert tips and tricks to be an RC helicopter master-

Tips 1: Always Start Small

If you are new with an RC helicopter or testing a new model, start small. Don’t try to take it as high as possible at the very beginning. Keep it under a few feet off the ground. And Importantly, do the first few flights at indoor. The benefit is, there will be no draft or wind to interrupt the flight.

Tips 2: Check Every time After It’s Crushed

It’s very normal to have collisions with the ground or crashes due to sudden loose of control. If something like that happens, check the structure and body first. Examine whether any internal part has broken or damaged. If you find everything okay, go for the next flight.

Tips 3: Be Familiar with the Control

Although you can’t understand it externally, every RC helicopter has its own unique control panel. Before getting to fly with it, be familiar about which button does what function. Every model will have a manual with it. Go through it and take help if necessary.

Tips 4: Try to Keep the Battery Cool

For maximum performance, it’s important that you are using a cool battery every time. So, it’s better to keep more than one batteries with you while you are flying it at outdoor. Otherwise, take a certain amount of break time before using one batter over again. That keeps the health of the battery up as well.

Tips 5: Don’t Rush with the Control

While you are flying an RC helicopter, always take small increments in the speed. Because as long as you want to have good control over the movements, a sudden increase in the speed can hamper the process.

Tips 6: Decrease the Throttle Slowly while Landing

Landing on the ground smoothly takes a lot of practices and precision. If you are new to this, learn how to control the throttle and decrease it slowly. If somehow it gets out control, a crash is a next thing that you have to suffer from.

So, these were the six tips to start your RC helicopter with. Be patient and learn how to read the control panel of the copter. Over time, you will be a master at it.

Top 10 RC Helicopters Comparison

Syma S107/S107G17.7 x 7.6 x 3.115
Syma S111G 3.5 Channel with Gyro17.2 x 7 x 30.32 ounces1
Blade BLH410014.8 x 10.4 x 3.621
UDI U13A 3 Channel 2.4GHz Metal RC Helicopter7.5 x 7.5 x 7.52.21
Syma S109G 3.5 Channel RC Helicopter with Gyro16.7 x 7.3 x 3.51.051
Cheerwing S107/S107G Phantom16.8 x 2.6 x 6.13.523
EACHINE H10111.3 x 6.8 x 3.610.61
HakToys HAK303 Mini RC Helicopter8.9 x 4 x 23.041
SkyCo 3.5 Channel Missile Shooting RC Helicopter13.5 x 11.3 x 3.61.11
WLtoys S977 Remote Control Metal Gyro Helicopter13.2 x 11.5 x 3.21.11

Final Words

That was all about the top RC helicopters reviews of the market of 2019. For your advantage, we have gone through every detail of the product and checked and verified them all. To ensure that you don’t get diverted with the shiny advertisements of the manufacturers, we have verified every information from real-time user’s reviews. Finally, the review that we have listed here, is surely the most real-time reviews of the market.

Go through the reviews, check what suits you best, and pick it up. Your pick from the best RC helicopter is just one click away!

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