The Vast Gun Safe Box Information You Should Know

Gun Safe Box Information

Moving a gun safe safely isn’t an easy task because of the risk of damage and injury. We like to recommend you to hire a professional for this job, but we also know that life gets complicated sometimes and you may have to move it by yourself too. That’s why we decided to write in the most important gun safe box information.

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Steps to Move a Gun Safe Box

You must be careful and prepared because this can be a dangerous proposition. To move it safely, follow the instructions that are given below-

#1 Empty the Gun Safe First

Before start moving your gun safe, remove everything from it and make it empty. That’s because serious accident and injury can occur if it drops. If a loaded gun safe drops, you may spend a lot of bulks for the expensive repairs of the equipment pieces. Another notable matter is- don’t put loaded guns in the safe when you move it.

#2 Get & Use the Proper Equipment pieces to Handle it

When you’re about to move a gun safe, you must have the proper equipment pieces for doing it perfectly as well as your safety. Gloves, secure straps, and a sturdy truck are needed to move it safely. And a heavy gun safe needs heavy equipment pieces generally.

#3 Identify the Obstacles of the Way, Make the Plan, and Secure the Safe

When you move the safe, you should know that way and beware of the obstacles of the way. If you know the condition of the way, it’s easier to make a plan of how you will move your gun safe. Now, secure the safe by using the straps so that the safe can be delivered safely. Right equipment pieces will help you to do it easily.

#4 Get Strong & Experienced Help

“Help” makes any task easier and manageable. Moving a gun safe isn’t different too. The more help you get, the easier the task is! Ask your experienced friends for help so that you can move a gun safe easily, safely and securely.

Gun Safe Box Open Process

There are 4 locking systems available for the gun safe. They are- Combination lock, Electronic lock, Key lock, and Bio-metric lock. You have to open the safe by unlocking the locking system first.

The combination lock is the least expensive and easier for us. It needs proper dial order of the numbers to unlock. In the electronic lock, you need to enter the passcode by using the keyboard (some safes come with both electric and key lock system). The key lock system based safe is as simple as opening a door using the key. And the biometric lock is the most expensive and the most secure locking system among all. You have to scan your fingerprint to unlock it.

Here is the information about gun safe box opening step by step-

  • Combination Lock Safe
  1. Clear up the tumbler by turning the dial several times and stop at “Zero”.
  2. Turn the dial left and stop the dial on the 1st number.
  3. Turn the dial right and stop on the 2nd number.
  4. Turn the dial left and stop on the 3rd number.
  5. Grab the handlebar, turn it clockwise and pull the door to open.
  • Electronic Lock Safe
  1. Enter the access code of the safe into the keypad (It’s given by the manufacturer, but the owner can customize it).
  2. After entering each number, the keypad will sound beep which means the number has been received.
  3. When you have done entering the right passcode, the safe will notify you.
  4. If the safe requires a key too, then insert the key and turn clockwise.
  5. Grab the handle and turn it clockwise to open the door.
  • Key Lock Safe
  1. Insert the key of the lock and turn it clockwise.
  2. Pull the handle of the door to open it.
  • Bio-metric Lock Safe
  1. Place your finger on the scanner pad of the safe.
  2. When it received the right fingerprint, it’ll notify you.
  3. Grab the handle and pull it to open the safe.

The biometric gun safes are as same as the typical safes. The difference is only in the locking system. Typical safes use a combination lock or key lock to protect the safety, and in the bio-metric safes, it requires the owner’s fingerprints to unlock the door.

This is the safest and easiest locking system of a gun safe. Though it’s the most expensive among all the locking system, it also provides the best security for your gun safe. It creates a digital code of the owner’s fingerprint and saves it. When the correct fingerprint’s entered, the system compares with the digital code. If it matches, the door opens and it doesn’t match, the system doesn’t open the door. It’s the most secure way because nobody can open the door by guessing or other cheating ways. Only the real owner can open it.

Features to Consider before Choosing a Gun Safe

Choosing a gun safe isn’t an easy task because you have to look after some facts to ensure that you pick the best one. There are many models available out there and have to choose carefully to that it can serve you as your requirements. Follow this guide to choose the best gun safe for buying.

1. Brand

Though the brand isn’t an important fact to consider, that’s not mean that it doesn’t have any importance. Buying a gun safe from a famous brand reduces your confusion. Well, let me clear this. People usually buy those products which have good reviews. When you need to buy something, always try to buy it from popular brands because they didn’t become popular without reason. They became popular because they provide quality products to the users. So, this is the reason why brands are important.

2. Size

Size is the most important part to consider before buying a gun safe. The bigger the size is, the more the capacity is! You should select the size of the safe according to your guns. If you have fewer guns, then a small gun safe is enough. If you buy a bigger one, then both of your bulks and space will be wasted. Additionally, a bigger safe needs more maintenance. Select a medium one if you have 4-5 guns. And pick a larger one if you have many guns.

3. Locking System

This is another important thing to consider. A suitable locking system ensures the security of your guns. Nowadays, 4 major locking systems are found in gun safes. Combination lock, key lock, electric lock, and the biometric lock. The key lock and the combination locks are the least expensive and easier to use. They also provide weak security than the electric lock and the biometric lock. The electric lock is more expensive than the combination lock and the key lock and provides better security than those two. And finally, the biometric lock is the most expensive locking system and offers the best security for the safe. It’s the easiest to use too.

4. The material of the Gun Safe

The build materials of the safe play a significant role. If you have a safe that’s made with high-quality materials, the safe will be durable and serve you for a longer time. So, it’s very important to check out the build materials of the safe. But you know what, most of the safes are built with good materials to usually, you don’t need to worry about.

5. Humidity Control

The humidity controlling system of the safe is an important part of a safe. If the safe can’t control the humidity and moisture enters into the safe, your guns and other equipment pieces will get damaged. So, pick a safe that can control humidity well.

6. Fire Protection

Imagine, your safe get fire and it can’t prevent it. As a result, the gun equipment pieces explode. The gun equipment pieces are highly flammable and exploding. So, if it can’t prevent fire, a serious accident can occur; which can cause dangerous injury. So, choose a safe which can protect the guns and equipment pieces from the fire.

7. Hinges

This is not an important part, but you can also check it out before buying. The safes which have internal hinges can open the door at 90 degrees and which have external hinges, can open the door at 180 degrees. Additionally, you can separate the door from the safes which have external hinges. It significantly reduces weight while moving.

Note: To know more about Internal & External Hinges, Check this Article.

8. Price Range

The price of a gun safe depends on various facts. The brand, the size, the materials of the safe, the model & design etc. are considered to decide the price of a gun safe. There are various kinds of gun safe models available in various sizes and various prices. Basically, the price depends on size. You can pick a gun safe and the price range is generally $50-$1,500. This is the universal price range. You may get a safe below $50 or above $1,500.


Steps to Secure a Gun Safe in an Apartment

The gun safe is a little dangerous thing because guns and other flammable equipment pieces are stored in it. So, it’s really important and the question of safety to secure a gun safe in your apartment. You must put the gun safe in a safe place in the house and strongly tie it up. Here are two great methods to secure your gun safe. Follow the instructions below-

1. Bolt to a steel Slab

This is an effective, simple and less time-consuming method to secure the safe. You need a heavy-duty steel piece which is larger than the doorframe and about ¼ inch thick. Place the steel piece where you want to put the safe in your apartment. Now mount the safe with the steel piece by using bolts. A heavier steel piece keeps the safe secured and makes you tension free.

2. Bolt to the Wall

This is another excellent method to secure the safe in your apartment. For applying this method, choose the suitable place of the house to put it (corners will better because you can bolt it up with two walls instead of one which ensures better security) and locate the studs and make holes in the exact places with the drill machine. After making holes, mount the safe with the walls. Hiring professionals are recommended for this job because it’s a tricky job, and if you can’t do it yourself correctly, it’ll be a frustrating situation.

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